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Baseline Research

In May of 2023, Baobab for Women’s Human Rights with support from the MacArthur foundation commenced the baseline research on “The status of women and their rights in the context of Muslim law and the relationship between such laws and the VAPP act of 2015 in Bauchi, Jigawa and Kano state”.


Research Methodology

  • The research involved the collection of data on the status of women in the three above-mentioned states.

  • The researchers were sent into the field to collect data on different themes that cut across religion, culture, and the law. 

  • The researchers addressed the adequacy of the VAPP law in accordance with the states. 


It also highlights the challenges, implementation, and impact of the VAPP law in those states. In addition, the VAPP law was compared to the Islamic law regarding the prohibition of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). The extensive research has come to an end and the data gotten will be shared at the validation meeting scheduled for 24th August 2023. 

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