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Divorce - the Dissolution of a Marriage
in Muslim Personal Laws in Nigeria

This leaflet set out the form of divorce available under Muslim personal laws in Nigeria, where the Malik School of law is followed, and discusses the conditions and consequences of each type of divorce in Muslim Personal Laws.

Child Custody & Guardianship in
Muslim Personal Laws in Nigeria

The topics of this leaflets include Divorce; Child Custody and Guardianship; Against Violence Against Women; Early Marriage; Inheritance; Maintenance; Rights and Responsibilities of Spouses; Rights of Widows; Economic Rights; Female Genital Mutilation; Citizenship; Voting and Politics; Marriage.

Women's Access to Justice and Personal Security in Nigeria: a Synthesis Report

This synthesis report draws mostly on existing research on women's access to justice, personal security and related women's rights issues.

Political Rights & Responsibilities
of Women as Citizens

This leaflet looks at basic aspects of political rights and responsibilities of women. It also explains frequently used key terms in the political arena, and examines the legal provisions which back up the essence of political participation of women in the society.

107 Nigerian Women Who Choose to Challenge Gender Inequality and Injustice

Meet the 107 Nigerian women who choose to choose to challenge women's subordinate status by making meaningful change in the lives of women and girls over the years.

How Does the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act Aligns with Muslim Laws?

This leaflet explores the intersection of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act and Muslim laws, demonstrating the alignment between these two laws and dispel doubts that the bill is against Muslim laws.

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