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Layin Kuka is a radio drama that speaks on the issues of SGBV across the various facets of life for Nigerian women. It addresses the case of domestic abuse, rape, sexual harassment in the workplace, marriage and education.


The drama which is supported by the MacArthur Foundation, educates on the steps to take in such cases of SGBV,  and promotes the VAPP Act as a legislative tool to protect women and girls against SGBV.

It airs in three (3) States: Kano, Jigawa and Bauchi.

Tune in BELOW to listen from anywhere!

Airing times:

Tune In

Freedom Radio 99.5FM Kano

1:00pm every Tuesday

Radio Jigawa 10.26AM

5:45pm every Tuesday

Albarka Radio 97.5FM Bauchi

8:45pm every Wednesday

Freedom Radio 99.9FM Dutse

7:30pm every Wednesday

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