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Justice for Amir

Photo by Daniel Tijesuni

Amir was only 9 years old when he was raped. In the days following the heinous crime, Amir experienced severe discomfort and bleeding from his anus. He would cry when he laid down on his side or back due to the pain and could only lie on his stomach. One day when his mother laid him to his side, he began to cry and that was how they discovered the blood and learnt of the rape.

As a child, Amir supported his family financially through his hawking business. While hawking, a Mr. Danladi Garba took notice of Amir.

He lured the young boy to his house by offering to buy the rest of the food items. On arrival, Danladi pulled out a knife and threatened to kill Amir if he moved or recounted the story to anyone.

“He then removed his trousers and penetrated directly to my anus with something that caused me bleeding pain” - Amir.

If you or someone you know has or is going through sexual abuse, kindly report it here. We would love to hear your story and assist you to get justice!

Baobab came to know about Amir when his older brother reported the case. He explained that he was seeking help to access justice because their father had refused to report the case for fear of the shame and stigma to the family. The team on the ground met with the father to help seek consent to share the information with relevant parties to seek justice for Amir. After obtaining permission, the case was taken to the Hotoro divisional police station where Amir recounted his story. He was then taken to Abdullahi Wase Specialist Hospital, Kano, where he received treatment.

The accused, Mr. Danladi Garba of Kawo Quarters in Kano State, confessed in his first appearance before Kano Magistrate Court 9 Normans Land. He was sentenced to one-year of imprisonment.

Although the sentence was too light for the weight of the crime committed, we are glad to know that Amir is in good hands and is receiving the care he needs.

Read about the gaps in the laws against sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria

*The names of the survivor and family members were changed to protect their identities!
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